Yes! I'm in!!

Dear Sister, I have a message for you:

I came here for a life of extraordinary magic that I fucking LOVE.

I don't know about you, but I'm here for legendary, epic love.
I'm here for cosmic, transcendental sëx
I'm here for the riches of life!!!

Including {and not limited to} the pleasure *always* available to me through my body
my senses
my Pussy
through feeling ALLLLL my emotions

I'm here for it all, including the riches of money & wealth & overflow
Including the riches of love, love, love
Including the riches of the earth & of the magical Universe
& this crazy beautiful, fucked up & magical, exquisite drama of a Human experience we all came here for.


In other words, I am here for it allllllll.

I'm here to be, embody & express Who I Really Am

I'm here to do the things that light me the fuck up & turn me the fuck on

I'm here to follow my desires & create a life I'm madly in love with

I'm here to have the love, the sëx, the money, the things, the experiences I desire.

I'm here & I'm being it. I'm doing it. I'm having it.

Because I choose it.

Three Questions For You:

Do you know what you want?

Do you know what you really, really want?

And ~ 

Are you ready to choose it???


Embodied Wealth: Sex, Love, Money

Even if you don't know *exactly* what it is you want, you feel something calling you forward...

And if  you're ready to choose it & say YES, then I'm here to illuminate a path to the wealthiest life you desire, a life that is deeply aligned to who YOU truly are & what truly turns you on & what you truly love!!! 

{Infinie Divine Creatrix of Reality.
That's who You Truly Are.}


Embodied Wealth: Sex, Love, Money is a lovingly held, deeply powerful sisterhood container where we're going to alchemize & transform & BECOME our wealthiest Selves. 

This 8 week group experience builds off the teachings of the Pussy Codes: Be, Do, Have Alllll Your Desires... plus So. Much. More. 

Embodied Wealth is not only a blueprint for creating your life in a deeply pleasureful & empowered way, it's a whole structure to create your life how you truly desire it
{This is what you came here for. To have everything you want.
Yes. It is true!!!!! You really CAN have what you want}

Embodiment. Desire. Pleasure. Safety. Love. Sex. Money. Power. 

This is an embodied experience of becoming, of creating, of receiving, of having. 
This is an embodied experience of your magical, extraordinary life!!

I'm Ready To Choose!

What Embodied Wealth is NOT

Embodied Wealth is NOT simply a manifestation's about truly CREATING your whole life so that it turns you on sooooo much!!

This is NOT about filling your head with more information, not just content to consume...this is an EXPERIENCE, an embodied experience of BECOMING the fucking wealthy womxn You Really Truly Are.

Embodied Wealth Is For You

Embodied Wealth is for the womxn ready to show up for herself & for her life, ready to CHOOSE her desires and say YES to her inherent, limitless wealth. 

This isn’t gonna be just another course you take - this is the Awakening, the Integration, the Rebirth & the Creation of your whole, magical, extraordinary love affair of a wealthy fucking life!!!!!  


All The Juicy Deets

The main focus of this Pussy-led adventure is EMBODIMENT, which we'll practice in weekly group calls.

There will also be weekly modules, laying out my holistic, cutting edge structure, through which will flow creations of your WEALTHY life. 

Pussy, of course, will support us in total embodiment & becoming, and we'll play with everything from Subconscious Healing to Sex Magic & Existential Kink!!!

Week One
Learn & practice the Holistic Tools for embodying the love affair of your life

Week Two
Create & embody what I call a True Vision - what would turn you on soooo much to create???

Week Three
Pleasure is the language of wealth, spoken through the body. It's also a powerful tool & strategy to create a fucking amazing life

Week Four
If your deep mind & body don't feel safe to have what you want, you won't have it. Period, end of story.
So, let's create a foundation of safety inside your body & nervous system, so that you really can have everything you want

Week 5 
True, deep, epic, passionate love. We get to have this!!! And, it starts with the exquisite love affair within our own selves. 

Week 6
The deepest, most divine, most powerful wealth is accessed through our sexuality. Plus, it's really really fun to create wealth by having lots of orgasms!!! 

Week 7
I love money & money loves me!! 
We get to have a passionate love affair with money too!! Plus, I've got some money perspectives that are gonna blow your mind!!!

Week 8
It takes a womxn standing in her own power to create her life of dreams.
This is not an active/yang/masculine power, however~ this is power sourced right from the Source: the Power of Pussy Herself.  

The program begins May 12th. 

Embodied Wealth begins May 12th!

Choose your payment plan below:

Embodied Wealth

$1,117.00 USD
Embodied Wealth, 3 Month Payment Plan

3 monthly payments of $377 USD
Embodied Wealth, Extended Payment Plan

6 monthly payments of $195 USD

VIQ {Very Important Queen} Upgrade

This is for the womxn who's ready to go all out. 
Get the full Embodied Wealth program, plus three 90 min. 1:1 sessions with me
plus Voxer support for the duration of the program, so that I can deeply support you in your own, specific process of having the life you want. 

Embodied Wealth VIQ Upgrade

$2228 USD
Embodied Wealth VIQ Upgrade

3 monthly payments of $755 USD

What Is Embodied Wealth??

🔸Embodied Wealth: Sëx, Love, Money is my 10 week program that gives you the structure + the lived, embodied experience of creating the life of wealth you desire

🔸Embodied Wealth is not just a bunch of information thrown at you {although it does include the most cutting edge manifestation information available}. It is the EXPERIENCE of creating what you desire

🔸 Embodied Wealth has the underlying principle that you get what you want, not when you believe it, but when you BE it.

🔸Embodied Wealth is the perfect combination required for manifestation: the STRUCTURE {the masculine component} and the ENERGY {the feminine component}

🔸Embodied Wealth teaches a proven, powerful pathway of creating WHATEVER it is you desire in your life, from pleasure & ease & alignment!

🔸 Embodied Wealth will not only support you in creating wealth, but in living a liberated, empowered, delicious life of extraordinary magic!!

Embodied Wealth includes:

🔸 8 weeks of live group calls, 90 min. each, so that we can do the work of embodiment together, plus I can support you in your individual needs

🔸 8 weekly modules, so that I can share the process & structure of creating your life of wealth

🔸 2 interspersed weeks of rest, so that you can integrate the material + catch up if needed

🔸 8+ downloadable, guided practices + subconscious reprogramming meditations + workbooks, so that you're truly embodying wealth at all levels

🔸 a community of powerful womxn to support, celebrate, & hold you through this experience {private FB group included}

After Embodied Wealth:

🔸you'll have a clear, repeatable, proven structure to take you from where you are now to the reality you desire

🔸 you'll embody a new, updated identity {which is who you truly are}. Identity is the core, most important aspect of having everything you want

🔸you'll be empowered to handle any challenge, resistance, or fear that arises, so that you can truly focus on what it is you're creating

🔸 you'll have the clear understanding & embodied experience of creating a life of wealth - however that looks for you!

🔸 you'll be resourced into your true, authentic, unique power, so that you can truly create magic in your life

I'm a YES!!