The Sister Queens Group Coaching Circle is a portal into creating your sex life how you most want it:

hot, passionate, ecstatic
with a person/people you love deeply
infinitely orgasmic

This reality of sex that you want~

feeling so turned on by your partner,
LOVING to have sex!!
experiencing deeply connected intimacy & ever-expanding pleasure~

This is so available for you!!

And, I won't lie.

It's hard to heal your sexuality on your own ~
there's so much in there, so much conditioning, so much emotion, so much trauma.

It is infinitely more pleasurable {plus faster & more efficient} to have guidance, support & love on the journey.

That's why I created the Sister Queens Group Coaching Circle {SQGCC}, to give you highly effective & deeply transformational coaching & support at a financial investment that's accessible.

In the SQGCC, you'll receive the benefit of both 1:1 coaching AND group coaching within a small community of Sister/Siblinghood.

For the four months of the program, you'll be with two other women and/or non binary pussy-havers with similar desires & challenges as yours.

Maybe you used to love sex, but now it seems like nothing turns you on...

Maybe you've never been connected to your sexuality, and you're not willing to go another day without experiencing the pleasure & ecstasy that you KNOW is possible...

Maybe you're ready to expand your pleasure & orgasm into infinity & experience deep, cosmic intimacy with yourself and your partner{s}...

What you ARE is ready to commit to reclaiming, healing, & expanding your sexuality, and you're giving yourself the priceless gift of powerful & skilled guidance.

You are done grinding your teeth until you can squeeze out an orgasm...

You never again want to cringe when your partner tries to turn you on...

You are ready to feel the hot flame of desire in your body, in your pussy, wanting & loving hot, passionate, ecstatically orgasmic sex!!

This is what you'll be supported with in the SQGCC ~ reclaiming your desire & your pleasure & your orgasm & your hot AF sex.

It includes:

  • An initial 1.5 hr 1:1 session 
    Using a powerful & proven methodology based in Tantra, psychology & somatic healing, we'll discover & explore whats holding you back from the experience of sêxuality that you desire. This initial session gives us a powerful foundation with which to begin the coaching journey.

  • 2 monthly small group sessions with Jenny, 1.5 hrs each

    Each group will have three women in it, plus Jenny. In these small group sessions, you'll have 30 minutes of 1:1 time with Jenny, plus you'll experience learning and healing as you witness your Sisters be coached as well.   

    In these sessions, we'll go deep into your healing & process, focusing specifically on your desires & the integration & embodiment that gets to happen in order for them to manifest

  • Personalized "homeplay" practices to integrate the work that happens in each session. 
    This may include guided meditations

, practices, or journal prompts


  • One monthly "Pussy Party" call
    Open only to my 1:1 & small group clients, this is our community Sisterhood call. We'll open with a transformational breathwork or pleasure practice, then there will be time to check in & get whatever you need - witnessing, support, celebration, laser coaching.

  • Receive two of my core {easily digestible mini} programs, the Well Fucked Queen Transformation Portal & the Orgasmic Goddess
    The WFQ Transformation Portal gives you the tools + processes that are foundational to the work we'll do together. Its focus is helping you open up to your pleasure & turn on!
    Then the Orgasmic Goddess builds upon that, supporting you in having out-of-this-world orgasmic experiences  

If your heart & pussy are a YES to this...

then come join me on this journey love!!

  • If you're ready to dive right in, scroll down to choose the purchase option that works best for you.

  • If you're feeling intrigued but a little unsure, let's talk!
    Click the button below to schedule a free connection call with me.
    We'll talk about your desires & discover if we're a good fit. No icky pushing, I promise~ just you & me having a conversation about what you want & if this is the best container to support you in achieving that.
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"I love Jenny and working with her has changed my life."

The one on one sessions I've done have been hands down the most beneficial coaching work I have ever done. 

I am thankful for Jenny, I am happy to know her and that she exists to help people. I cannot recommend Jenny enough, she is what you have been looking for. Jenny creates a safe space, Jenny will bring you home to yourself.


"Coaching With Jenny Is Honestly The Best Thing I Have Ever Done For Myself."

And I would do it again and AGAIN in a heartbeat!!
Jenny's constant support was incredible in keeping up my momentum & transformation. Jenny taught me how to move past my limiting beliefs into the full power of who I am.

A huge part of it was reclaiming & connecting with the very powerful part of myself I now know as PUSSY!!"

Ready Now?
Then Choose Your Best Option:

✨4 Month Container✨

✨1.5 hr initial 1:1 session✨

✨two small group sessions/month with Jenny, 1.5 hrs each

✨personalized homeplay to support your integration

✨one monthly Pussy Party group call

✨2 of Jenny's foundational mini-programs,
WFQ Transformation Portal + Orgasmic Goddess 

Sister Queens Group Coaching Circle

A one time payment of $2000 USD
Sister Queens Group Coaching Circle

4 monthly payments of $525 USD

"Thank you for who you are & what you do."

My love, you have taught me so well, & I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my pussy, thank you, Jenny Braxton, thank you for being such an amazing alchemist & for sharing your gifts & teachings with other womxn. I have no words for how much I appreciate you.

"I've never met anyone like Jenny"

I highly recommend private coaching! The level of healing is like no other, Jenny makes you feel safe & seen.
Jenny is able to lead you through to your deepest healing. 

"I'm Literally Obsessed"

My soul has been IGNITED. I lost touch with my feminine energy & sexuality after I had my daughter. I forgot how to be a beautiful - sensual- sexual being & let that pleasure & passion guide me. Thank you so much for reconnecting me to myself.
You. Are. A. Queen.

"This really has been the most magical experience"

Meet my beloved soul client Brooke, who worked with me for 8 months. 

Here, she shares about the results from our work together in sex & relationships, which include being able to surrender & receive in sex, trusting herself & her body, having an embodied experience of safety & belonging, and finally being able to choose & commit to her partner.


"She came into my life at the exact right moment
I would not be where I am today without her"

 Working with Jenny has shifted my life in ways that sometimes still don’t feel real.

When I first met Jenny, I was immediately drawn to her energy. She is so lovely, supportive, and non-judgmental. Jenny shows up and holds space for it all- something I have never found in twenty years of therapy.

Jenny offers trauma informed support and has helped me work through some very difficult childhood experiences and traumas. Jenny is here for it all, and I cannot imagine my life without her.

In a time where so many coaches and spiritual leaders preach “gratitude”, and “elevating your energy” when shit gets hard, Jenny is a breath of fresh air and invites you to do the opposite.

Jenny invites you to dive deep into those dark spaces. She invites you to speak to them, and ask them what they need.

The work Jenny offers is unmatchable.
It is deeply profound, empowering, and supportive.

When I first met Jenny, I was deeply depressed, living in a small town with no community, unsure of what was next. My decisions, and therefore my life, was being dictated by false narratives and old stories. I was playing small and didn’t know how to do anything different.

Jenny helped me get clear on my true desires and supported me in finding action steps to get there.
I am now living my dream life, in community, on a ranch, with my animals, and working as a full-time doula and childbirth educator.

I first started working with Jenny in a group container called “The School for Pussy Centered Living” back in 2020. She taught powerful alchemical practices to support us in transmuting old patterns, traumas, and emotions, into empowered narratives, put in place to serve us in the now and in the future. The work Jenny does dives deep and shifts shit on all levels- conscious, subconscious, unconscious and in all of the in betweens.

With a deep understanding of the brain, body, and all the interconnections, Jenny has a large powerful toolbox of practices that target all parts of the puzzle. 

After P*ssy school ended, I was eager to continue working with Jenny, so I signed up for a one on one VIP container with her, and I am SO glad I did. Jenny has become a friend, a mentor, a queen sister goddess, a fellow horse girl, and so much more. She came into my life at the exact right moment and I would not be where I am today without her.


Olivia is a beloved soul sister client who's been in my group programs, as well as 1:1 coaching for 4+ months {our work together is still ongoing 🥰}

I can do this too. I'm ready!

What We Do Together:


✨ Release & integrate the conditioning you've been indoctrinated with around your sexuality, so that you can be your authentic sexual self.

Results of this:
 no more shame, guilt, embarrassment, or insecurity in your sexuality.

Instead, you're empowered by your true desires & experiencing more sexual pleasure, hotter sex, bigger & better orgasms, more intimacy & connection with yourself and/or your partner


✨ Gently heal personal, ancestral, & collective trauma, so that you can experience safety, love & belonging in your sexuality.

Results of this:
 so much pleasure, hotter, deeper, more cosmic sex, full body orgasms, extended orgasms, whatever kinds of orgasms you desire.

You're confident & know your power, which allows you to ask for what you want, in & out of the bedroom


✨ Lovingly integrate the wounded & disempowered parts of yourself, so that you can embody the well-fucked  Queen you truly are!

Results of this:
 you feel amazing in your life, and you're connected to your sexual desire & turn on

You're in love with yourself, which empowers you to be, do & have everything you want

Take Me! ;)

"My entire experience was so wonderful."

I came to Jenny because I wanted to connect with my sexuality in an authentic way and to feel sexual desire again. I have achieved those desires - I've now had my first orgasms in years! I also gained self-permission to stop grinding away and to enjoy pleasure and fun in my life.

Jenny was such a comforting and supportive individual to talk to about sexuality, which can be such a sensitive topic.