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Join the School of Pussy Centered Living!

School begins Nov. 3rd


Any woman who restores connection to her Pussy restores her ability to create her life exactly how she wants it. 

We're in a magically beautiful time to be a woman on this planet.

 Women are waking up from a story centuries-old, a story that's caused women like you and me to live lives in which we're merely surviving.

But our time of simply surviving is coming to an end... a new world is being born, right now, all around us - a world in which the feminine has risen, restoring balance to the masculine and harmony to the whole. This is a world in which the planet and all her creatures are thriving.

However, this world will not be built by overwhelmed and frazzled women! This world can only be built by women who are tapped into their true power: 

✨✨✨Pussy ✨✨✨

Are you tapped into Pussy? Or does your life feel more like this...

From the outside, everything may look aMAAAAAzing, but on the inside, it doesn't feel so good...

Do you feel stressed, exhausted, and overloaded with responsibility like I used to?

Have you been... 

✨ caught in a cycle of constant service to others, taking care of children and/or partners and/or homes and/or work and/or everything else before taking care of YOURSELF? {And by that time, you're too tired anyway...}

✨feeling not sexy enough, not thin enough, not confident enough, not worthy enough, not turned-on enough, not enough not enough not enough?

✨too much in your head, caught in loops of worry or anxiety, always rushing to the next thing on your to-do list?

✨ unsatisfied in your sex life, feeling like it's more of an obligation than a pleasure ~ just one more thing to be done?

✨ feeling stuck in your life, unable to be who you want to be, do what you want to do, or have what you desire, no matter how much you meditate or journal affirmations?

I thought the solution was getting more sleep... exercising more... finding the right meditation... getting organized so I could get more done... waiting for my kids to grow up... having a date night with my hubby in new lingerie...

While some of those things were helpful, the relief they afforded was short-lived.

They didn't touch the deeper feelings of pain and exhaustion I struggled with every day. 

The solution was actually Pussy ~ 
I just didn't know that yet 


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Before my "Pussy Revolution," when I reclaimed my body and my pleasure, this is how I used to feel.
Perhaps you can relate?

 ✨I felt stuck always doing what *had* to be done, always doing what others wanted me to do, and feeling frustrated that I rarely had time to do what I wanted 

✨I always had this underlying sense of exhaustion that never went away, no matter how much caffeine I drank ~ yet I felt guilty if I ever stopped to rest

✨I believed so deeply that I could create what I wanted in my life, I followed so many manifestation teachers, and yet I continued to feel stuck in my limiting beliefs, afraid to shine my light into the world

✨My romantic life felt passionless...I felt little desire, and I thought something was wrong with me or my pussy...

✨Even though there were aspects of my life that I loved, I was headed straight towards total burn-out....I was not thriving - I felt like I was barely surviving.

 My life looked ideal from the outside, and in many ways it was...except for the way I felt...
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It took many years, many mistakes made and lessons learned before I finally learned the greatest lesson of all: 

the solution to all my suffering was literally in my body the whole time - the solution WAS my body!

Or rather, my Pussy, to be exact 😉

The solution had nothing to do with changing my body ~ 
nothing to do with working harder or getting more done...

it was discovering that the Medicine for all my problems was the pleasure and empowerment found inside my own Pussy.

Reclaiming Pussy opened my life up to be the experience I wanted - one of ease, abundance, and truly feeling good.

Remember that centuries-old story, the one that tells us to sacrifice ourselves and our desires for the sake of others?

I threw that sh*t away!

And now I'm thriving - and so is everyone around me.

✨Yes, I still have my challenges, of course - only now, I know how to navigate them from a place of power, alignment and even pleasure....

✨I know how to tap into my deepest needs and desires - and get them fulfilled. 

✨I feel free, abundant, aligned, joyful, and peaceful...most of the time 😉

Just imagine - what would it feel like to THRIVE in your own life?

What would it feel like to navigate YOUR life from a place of true POWER, ALIGNMENT, and PLEASURE?

 How would your life be different if...

✨You felt inspired, alive, TURNED ON and LIT UP every day... and when you weren't, you knew how to restore it

✨Your reclamation of your whole being {Pussy included!} empowered you in all your relationships: at work, with your partner, with your children

✨Tapped into the wisdom of Pussy, you sourced true pleasure from within your own body, living in the flow of your natural energy - sustainable, nourishing, radiant

✨ Your sex life was so juicy {whether you were partnered or not...}, it replaced caffeine as the fuel for your life

✨You were truly IN LOVE with every aspect of yourself, and felt confident and worthy of all your desires

All this is absolutely possible for YOU!

Yes! I Want This For Myself!
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My name is Jenny Braxton, and I empower you to connect to your Pussy!

 I wasn't always a Pussy Centered Woman, however.

The road that led me to becoming a sexuality + empowerment coach versed in the power of Pussy was a long one, and it first required me to traverse the landscapes of birth and death. 

The story begins, of course, with Pussy, with the birth of my first two children. That experience ushered me into my first reclamation of my feminine being.

Six years later, during which I had supported and witnessed my mama on her long journey of brain cancer, my third child was born.
4 months later, my mama died ~ six years after they told her she had six months to live.

Those two events taught me the true meaning of surrender.
My surrender opened the portal for Pussy to come through....she called to me, and I heeded the calling {although I did not know her as "Pussy" at that point}.

Prior to that, I'd been focused on raising children, animals, and vegetables. I then moved into recreating myself as a birth coach, helping women have empowered birth experiences. This led to my education as an ecstatic birth coach, during which I learned about the true power of pleasure.

As I shifted into embodying ecstasy and pleasure within my own being, I was introduced to Pussy by a woman named Mama Gena. 

After that, there was no turning back.
The personal empowerment I experienced through the reclamation of Pussy was unprecedented. I wanted every woman to know the pleasure and power she held within her own body! 

While I had long been connecting with the beauty and divinity of my feminine being, it wasn't until Pussy that I truly embodied it. Pussy allowed me to take the beautiful, ephemeral nature of feminine power and ground it down into my physical form. 

My connection to Pussy allowed me to see all my challenges in a new way - she was the Medicine I needed to not only ease my struggles, but to step fully into the woman I truly was meant to be ~ the woman I am today, the woman I continue to become.  

Of course, I couldn't keep this magical Medicine all to myself!
So now I guide other women to reclaim their bodies, their sexuality, their pleasure and their power ~ ✨PUSSY!✨ ~ so they can create lives in which they truly THRIVE.

What I've seen is that any woman who restores connection to her Pussy restores her ability to create her life exactly how she wants it. 

This is what happens inside the School of Pussy Centered Living -  you reclaim your power and pleasure {because what's power without pleasure???} through the reclamation of your PUSSY!

Click Here to Bring on the Pussy Reclamation!
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"I’ve completely changed my life.
I’ve taken my power back and I’m a Pussy Centered woman for life! 

I went through the hardest trial our family has ever endured while in the School of Pussy Centered Living. I made it through and transformed my life and my family's life with the support of Jenny and my Sister Goddesses!

I can say without a doubt my family would have been Crushed to the point of possible defeat if it weren’t for me being enrolled in this school. Having a supportive container of sisters is EVERYTHING. It’s vital, and having the School of Pussy Centered Living allowed me to be able to thrive, not just survive."

After your education in the School of Pussy Centered Living, you'll be able to:

✨ Navigate any challenge with alignment....and even pleasure! 

✨Feel confident, strong, and radiant in your own body

✨Experience your sexuality as a deep source of satisfaction, fulfillment, and empowerment 

✨Feel deeply connected to yourself,  your desires, and your ability to feel great in your life

✨ Be the woman who's helping birth a new world of restored balance, harmony, and thriving for all 

Yes! I'm In!
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"I have changed more than I could ever have thought possible. I've become so much more confident and strong. My desire at the beginning was to become radiant  ~ to me that means not just getting through life, but really excelling and having a presence about me. I feel I am well on my way to accomplishing that!

I've broken down so many walls and false stories. I have much more energy to give to my children. I feel like a much better mother, and I now have the tools to tap into my pussy energy and give my daughters the best start.

My husband has also changed a great deal. He has opened up so much. Our emotional and sexual relationship has become so much more satisfying and fulfilling.

I have so much more joy and pleasure now. I enjoy life, and even during challenging times, I know how to tap into that pleasure. It has made such a huge change in my life!"

What's included in the School of Pussy Centered Living:


6 Months of Weekly, Live Teaching & Support

Throughout this course, we'll meet for a 2 hr class each week, starting October 20th. I know 2 hours sounds a lot! But this gives us ample time for teaching, embodiment practices, support + integration. Plus, every six weeks, we have one week of rest, with no live session.

And if you can't make a class or can't stay for the whole time, every class will be recorded & available to you, anytime you want.

During these sessions, you'll connect with your pussy to hear her wisdom; you'll transform your disconnection into turn on; you'll use your pussy magic to manifest what you want; and you'll discover your pleasure as the portal into your power!

As well, you'll be connected with a loving, supportive, incredible group of women to give you the Sisterhood all women deserve.

Transformational Pussy Medicine 

Using my own 4 step transformational framework, you'll integrate unprocessed emotions & experiences, and conditioning & limiting beliefs, freeing yourself from shame, control and guilt through powerful somatic practices.

This will allow you to truly source your pleasure and power from within your own body ~ from within your own Pussy ~ so you can move forward in your life from a place of true self-empowerment. 

My definition of self-empowerment is being who you truly are, doing what lights you up, & having what you desire, so you can truly thrive in your life.

With my unique twist on guided meditations, body practices, somatic tools, journal prompts and more, you'll leave with a Medicine Bag full of Medicine to not only reconnect with Pussy, but to transform yourself and your life in the process.

Private Facebook Group

An important aspect of the School is being supported by a community of sisterhood. You'll experience this in the classes themselves, and to further this connection, we'll also have a private FB group just for the students of the School. This allows us to celebrate our joys together, to support each other through the challenges, and to collectively illuminate the path towards a Pussy Centered Life. 

With the education you'll receive in the School of Pussy Centered Living, you'll finally be able to step into the unstoppable, empowered woman you truly are.
You need this, not just for yourself, not just for your children and your family, but for the world we want to create! 

What this world needs is Pussy Centered Women!

Yes! I'm in!
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"Since joining the School of Pussy Centered Living, I've become more grounded in my turn on. Becoming comfortable with the idea of being both a mother and a sexual being has been especially opening for me. I've broken through false stories I didn’t even realize I was holding onto, stories that were limiting me in so many ways; false stories that were keeping me small in my life.

I've been a stay-at-home-mom for two years, and have been afraid of getting a job because of very bad past experiences. I’ve become confident and relaxed enough  that I'm now approaching my first job in ages. I feel confident and can easily ignore the whispers of “you’re going to fail and ruin everything” that plague me. Again, this is a false story I've carried for so many years, and now I'm letting it go.

The sisterhood and vulnerability of all the sisters in the School was amazing. I felt able to grow because I was comfortable and safe to be deeply honest and not filter myself."

In Her Own Words:
Experiences in the School of Pussy Centered Living 

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"I joined the School because I resonate so much with your energy, and I wanted to deepen my connection with my pussy & womb and their potential. I'm now so much more self-aware and connected to myself."

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“Pleasure has opened me up to feeling more centered, grounded, and more loving in all my relationships. I didn't even know the level of pleasure I could be having, because I'd never had permission to explore it.”

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"Taking the time to focus on myself has been huge, and I think the biggest success has been seeing and honoring my self worth. I also feel more empowered in my relationships, sexually, and within myself."

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My Very First Student Shares Where Pussy Has Taken Her, One Year Later

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"I now take time for PLEASURE!
I can feel the power of the Divine Feminine permeating every cell of my being. There is a deeper inner knowing that I am enough. The only boundary I have in fulfulling my potential is myself - learning that I am the sensual Creatress of my reality through this work has allowed for my inner goddess to shine.

Jenny is a luminous force of Nature, she has given me the guidance and tools to integrate this priceless wisdom of Pussy. Her unabashed passion for Pussy Centered Living is such a gift to so many." 

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“I feel more empowered, confident, and able to follow my dreams. I’ve learned to honor & embrace all emotions through channeling my divine feminine energy. It’s taught me how to really move through my emotions and to embrace all of my emotional spectrum.”

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“I've moved through major personal blocks and am able to love myself FULLY. I'm more connected than EVER to my purpose and soul path. When I decree something major I can feel it manifesting… because I am PUSSY CENTERED FOR LIFE!!!”


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“I have a new level of confidence in myself that allows me to shine. I've healed so much~ I used to carry so much guilt and shame around my relationship to pleasure. Now I truly know I have permission to embody my sexual & sensual nature, and I do so with pride!”

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"I have learned ways of honoring myself, & I feel so much more worthy than I did at the beginning of this journey.

I put up boundaries, even if others don’t like it, and this has created a great shift in my relationships with friends and family.

My partner and I are closer and more passionate than ever… I am standing in my own power and truth." 

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"The experience was beautiful, deeply powerful and transformative. There is a confidence I have never had before that gives me a groundedness to achieve my goals. I thank Jenny so much for the work she does." 

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“It was really amazing to feel so intimate & compassionate with a group of women. I gained a lot through simply hearing & witnessing them. I felt part of their journeys, & their experiences & truths informed mine. I love these women!”

Ready to Live Pussy Centered?

Over and over and over they tell me
{and their partners say it too!} 
"This was the best investment I ever made"

Yes! I'm in!

After your education in the School of Pussy Centered Living,
you'll be able to:

✨Tap in and turn on to your Pussy as your secret superpower, so you can experience life as the magical adventure it's meant to be  

✨Have the boundaries of a Pussy Centered Queen who prioritizes her needs + desires ~ for the good of all

✨Know how to use your turned-on Pussy Power to supercharge your ability to create your life how you want it

✨Live from a place of total abundance - abundance of time, energy, pleasure~ even money! 

✨Expand your pleasure threshold and finally receive the life you deserve ✨✨✨

Yes! I'm all in!

What Are You Waiting For?

If you've read this far, I know you want to join me!

Perhaps you need permission to join something called a Pussy School?
Well I'm giving it to you right now! 😉

Join the School of Pussy Centered Living
{You'll be so glad you did}
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